Websearch.hotsearches.info – how to remove

Websearch.hotsearches.info is a browser hijacker which tries to set up itself as a default search engine and a start page. As a result every time you open your browser you see the same website. How to remove it?

How to remove Websearch.hotsearches.info from the browser

The simpliest way to get rid of websearch.hotsearches.info is to clean the system using AdwCleaner. It will be enough. All you need to do is to press Scan and then Clean:

websearch-hotsearches-info-adwcleaner2How to clean the traces of websearch

Very seldom hijacker comes alone. As usual computer gets infected with a bunch of undesired software. As an additional measure of safety we advise you to check your system with MBAM and remove all found adware and PUP:


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