Tundra.site: Thank you for downloading. Is this a virus?

Q: My browser launches by itself and //tundra.site opens with message “Thank you for downloading”. What does it mean?
A: To be short it means that your computer is likely to be infected with malware and potentially unwanted programs. The website //tundra.site is know to open after the installation of PUP is completed. You need to cure your PC from malware as soon as possible. 01-tundra-site

Tundra.site: how to remove malware

1. Scan your PC using AdwCleaner. Then press Clean to remove all found adware and PUPs (full guide):


2. Install MalwareBytes Anti-Malware and perform a full scan (full guide). After the scan is finished agree to remove all found items and reboot your PC if necessary:


3. Remove temporary files, browser cache and cookies using CCleaner:


4. Check browser shortcuts and fix them if needed (full how-to):