Torrent Search (TSearch). How to remove

Torrent Search (a.k.a. TSearch) is an unwanted program that is often installed without user’s consent. It is designed to improve the search for torrents. But in fact, it is likely to be useless for most people. Here is how to get rid of it. 

Uninstall TSearch

Close all browsers!

Go to Programs and Features and remove TSearch:


If the program is not listed here, go to its default location

C:\Program Files\Torrent Search\

and launch Uninstall.exe to perform uninstallation:


Remove TSearch using AdwCleaner or Anti-Malware

Scan your PC using AdwCleaner and press Cleaning to remove all unwanted software including TSearch:


You can use MalwareBytes Anti-Malware insted. It is able to detect and remove this threat as well:


Remove TSearch extension from browser

In Chrome you need to go to SettingsExtensions and delete the unwanted extension if it is installed:


To completely remove extension from Internet Explorer you’d better use CCleaner:


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