How to remove Tencent (QQ PC Manager, QQ Phone Manager, etc)

Tencent is an intrusive unwanted program. The publisher is Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited. The program comes in bundles and installs without user’s permission. 

Harm from Tencent

It is impossible to uninstall the Chinese program in a usual way. Tencent is missing from the list of installed programs and there is no uninstall.exe in its system folder. Moreover, the program is able to recover after uninstalling.

Components of Tencent




In some cases when the PC is infected with Tencent it may be impossible to download MalwareBytes Anti-Malware or another curing utility. In this case download the program using another computer and bring it on flash.

So how to get rid of Tencent (QQ PC Manager and other components)?

Remove Tencent components with Anti-Malware

Download and install Anti-Malware Free (howto). Scan your system and remove all threats:

mbam free

Do not restart your computer and proceed to the next step!

Clean the Traces with AdwCleaner

Download the latest version of AdwCleaner. Run it and remove all found adware and PUPs:

remove tencent components using adwcleaner

Do not click OK, do not restart your computer and proceed to the next step!

Clean Windows Registry

Launch the registry editor:


Select Computer.
Press CTRL+F.
Search for such words as:


remove tencent from the registry


Delete all values that contain the words in Name or Data.

Deleting Tencent QQPCMgr registry value


Delete all keys only if they contain “QQ” or “Tencent” in the name.

delete tencent qq keys from the registry

Do not delete the key if it does not have QQ or Tencent in the name!

tencent values in registry

Press F3 after each deletion until you see the message

Finished searching through the registry
Finished searching through the registry

Try to delete Tencent folders

Try to delete or rename the follwing folders:

C:\Program Files\Tencent\QQPhoneManager\ 
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Tencent\QQPcMgr\ 

Clear the folder:

C:\Users\Ваше Имя\AppData\Local\Temp\

What to do if there is no access to Tencent folder

Boot the live disk and delete folder from another OS.

Restart your PC!


Scan the system with MBAM and AdwCleaner one more time and remove all found malware.

Video: an alternate method to get rid of Tencent

28 thoughts on “How to remove Tencent (QQ PC Manager, QQ Phone Manager, etc)”

  1. All nice and clear with your comments.
    I was scanning with Hitman, Anti-Malware and AdwCleaner. If someone have similar problems i suggest to try first unistalling any chinese apps (with some luck i did it without knowing chinese :P) in my PC was installed ADSafe and Tencent. The last one didnt want to die that fast…and to be honest this morning i was thinking thinking to reinstal my OS. Ha ha…
    Thankx for the help !

  2. When I search the words tencent or my registry doesn’t find anything ! :((((
    Then when before I have scanned with adwcleaner, are been deleted just 3 keys in ‘Registry’. Oww :(( help

    • Yo tengo exactamente el mismo problema,he seguido las indicaciones y en el editor de registro no encuentra nada con las palabras clave.Incluso despues de borrar la carpeta “ppt”.Ayuda por favor…

      • Hello! I advise you to perform the following actions:
        1. Download the latest AdwCleaner.
        2. Boot to the safe mode.
        3. Close all agents of Tencent in the system tray if it launches (probably it will launch even in the safe mode). Just right-click and select “chinese exit button” (see the images in the guide.)
        4. Run AdwCleaner (working in the Safe Mode). Agree to restart PC when AdwCleaner asks.
        5. Boot to the Safe mode AGAIN!
        6. Go to Program Files, delete Tencent folder. Then delete all folder we mentioned in the guide.
        7. Be sure to clean C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Temp\ (delete everything inside that you are able to delete)
        8. By the way you may run AdwCleaner once again.
        9. After you are sure you removed all tencent folders from the disk you can reboot to the normal mode.

  3. I have one little problem, i’ve managed uninstalling it and deleting all the files and values from regedit, but i’m still stuck with a folder full of .tmp files that say i can’t delete them because they’re open in windows explorer,which they are not. What can i do?

    • Hi! The 100% variant is to boot from any liveCD and delete it from another OS. By the way, have you tried to delete the folder in the safe mode?

  4. So I did the second step, using the adwcleaner. And I didn’t click “OK” but I tried closing that window and it restarted my PC. Problem is, now I can’t even boot into Windows.

    Any advice?

    • Hello, I did the same thing. Did you manage to solve things?
      I can log in on my laptop but then the screen goes black. No menues or anything are available, I can Ctrl+Alt+Delete and open the task manager but nothing else. I’m having a rough moment.

  5. great article! it helped a lot though I still can’t delete it lol. In regedit, there’s a tencent Device Desc file in Kernel Driver Folder. It doesnt let me delete nor change the binary code. what can I do regarding this? Cheers.

    • to be more specific:
      subfolder: 0000
      iten: DeviceDesc (values can’t be deleted)

    • I think, you should change the owner of the key, then edit Security permissions and thaen delete it. I wish I had such problem on my test machine so I could check this issue…

  6. Thank you all for this tutorial to delet this f**cking tencent programm from my computer. Thanks a lot.

    Grez from Austria

  7. Thank you so much! I ignored this for 7 months but I was so pissed now because it keeps on popping. It will take time but it’s all worth it. Just follow each step.
    Thanks again.


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