How to take a screenshot on CyanogenMod

Here you will know two methods to take a screenshot on CyanogenMod 12 and 13 that are based on Android 5 and 6 respectively. The first method is more preferrable. The second one can be handy in certain situations. 

Method 1 to take a screenshot on cyanogenmod

Press Volume Down + Power Button simultaneously.

Preferrable, because it works in all cases.

volume down + power button In a second you should see this:

taking screenshot on cyanogenmod

Note, than you can find your screenshots in \Device\Pictures\Screenshots\.

Method 2 to take a screenshot on cyanogenmod

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Device section and tap Buttonscyanogen settings buttons
  3. Enter the Power Button Menu.
  4. Activate Screenshot feature: cyanogen power menu screenshot

Now when you need to take a screenshot on CyanogenMod, press and hold the Power button and then tap on Screenshot:

cyanogen power menu take screenshot

Not for all cases. For example you cannot take a screenshot of the Power menu itself. But you can take screenshots using only one hand.

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