Sync: Passphrase required in Chrome. What does this mean?

What is a sync passhprase

Passphrase is an extra security code (like the second password) that serves to improve security of your Chrome data. Authentication looks like the following:

  1. First you need to put you login and password.
  2. Then you enter 2-Step Verification code.
  3. And finally you type your sync passphrase to sync your Chrome.

sync passphrase required

What should I do when I see ‘Sync: Passphrase Required’?

The notification “Passphrase required” in Google Chrome means just that the passphrase has been enabled and set up for this Google Account. It can be displayed in Chrome on Windows and on Android. You need to either enter your passphrase to start syncing your Chrome to your Google account or reset sync if you don’t know it.

submit your passphrase

Remember that the sync passphrase and the account password is not the same!

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