Swift Record. How to remove

Swift Record is an adware program. It is able to inject a huge number of ads. Here is how to remove it from your system.

What Does It Do?

1. Sites load extremely slow. Adware add-on inject up to four ads into the page:

Swift Record Ads

2. If click on the close icon on banner, the pop-up windows open:


How to remove the Swift Record Ads

Close all browsers!

Remove add-ons and extensions from browser

Read about how to remove add-ons and extensions.

Remove Swift Record BHO from IE
Remove BHO from IE

Uninstall adware

Go to Programs and Features, select the application and press Uninstall:

Uninstall Swift Record
Uninstall unwanted program

If there is no uninstall key in the list, go to:

C:\Program Files\Swift Record

and launch the file SwiftRecordUninstall:


Press Uninstall:


Surprisingly, this process can take several minutes….. before you see this:


Clean the traces of adware with AdwCleaner

AdwCleaner is able to remove such kind of unwanted programs. All you need to do is to press Scan and Cleaning:

AdwCleaner: remove Swift Record Scan with Anti-Malware

It is also recommended to check your system using MalwareBytes Anti-Malware and remove all found malicious and unwanted programs:

MBAM: remove Swift Record

These steps should be enough to get rid of this unwanted app.

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