How to remove is a fake search provider and browser hijacker. It changes the default search engine in Chrome and directs all your search queries to The problem is you cannot remove // because the default search setting is locked by the group policy. Here is how to get rid of in Chrome and change the search engine to Google or whatever you like. 

This is how the default search setting looks like when hijacks it: how to remove smartsputnik search

// as the default search

And when we try to search something we are directed to the page like this:


How to remove and delete it from Chrome search engines list

1. Remove the policy from Chrome (read our full guide):

Remove restricting policy

Remove policy locking smartsputnik search in Chrome

2. Specify Google or whatever you want as default search engine.

3. Delete smartsputnik from the list:

remove delete this item

Remove search

Additional steps to remove search from Chrome

Even if you have successfully removed the fake search from Chrome we advise that you scan your system using the latest version of AdwCleaner to ensure that all traces are removed:

remove using adwcleaner utility

Remove using adwcleaner utility

Note! If you experience difficulties in deleting Smartsputnik using the steps mentioned in the first chapter of the guide you should scan your system using this tool and after that try to delete Smartsputnik manually!

Hopefully these steps would help you get rid of intrusive search engine in Google Chrome.

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