How to remove ads broght by ShopperPro

This article is about how to get rid of Shopper-Pro adware: uninstall it and wipe all its components. 

What is ShopperPro

ShopperPro is a potentially unwanted program from Goobzo publisher. It is being positioned as a wizard for finding best prices on the Internet but in real it is just an ordinary AdWare.

How did ShopperPro get on computer?

Being a useless adware ShopperPro is distributed as an extra software in a bundle with various freeware programs. If you do not want to infect your PC with such kind of crapware, be sure to refuse from every ‘special offer’ while installing new programs. Usually you need to press Skip or Cancel to reject the installation of bundled software:


Nevertheless, there exist many deceptive programs that install malware without any warning or permission!

Harm from ShopperPro

1. Can be installed without user’s permission.

2. Third-party ads injected into sites prevent from normal reading the pages.

3. Slows down the overall computer performance.

Examples of ads

Third-party banners labelled Broght by ShopperPro and Powered by ShopperPro are overlapping the useful site content:


Ads labelled Ads by ShopperPro built in the Google search results:


If you click on the link by ShopperPro you will be redirected to

How to remove Shopper-Pro

Close all web browsers!

Kill processes

Look for the following processes in task manager and kill them:



Uninstall Shopper-Pro application

Go to Control Panel – Programs and Features (Win 7,8)

Go to Settings – System – Apps & features (Win10)

shopper-pro0021 shopper-pro0022

Delete paths

Delete the following folders:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\ShopperPro
C:\Program Files\ShopperPro


Attention! It is convenient to use CCleaner for the following three steps

Delete startup elements


Delete extensions

Launch all browsers and delete Shopper-Pro extensions is there are such:


By the way. The latest ShopperPro versions are able to inject ads without installing extensions to browsers!

Remove scheduled tasks

Please inspect the list of the scheduled task very carefully. Delete all the tasks launching files from ShopperPro folders.


If you are an experienced PC user we advise you to inspect all files run by tasks via VirusTotal.

Antivirus scan

Scan your system with AdwCleaner and MBAM. Delete all found malware.

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