How to remove Full removal guide is a browser hijacker. It is designed for displaying annoying pop-up ads in your browser: Chrome, Firefox or Opera. As usual your browser gets infected when you launch unfamiliar file downloaded from third-party website. The malicious program makes your browser launch automatically on startup or even every 5 minutes with the web page // full of ads. Here is how to remove SearchTDS from Google Chrome and get rid of // website.  Follow the steps even if you think that some of them are not needed in your case.

how to remove

How to remove from Chrome, Firefox or Opera

Step1. Remove unwanted programs

Open Programs and features:

programs and features

Uninstall > Chrome Search (or something like that) from your computer:

Uninstall unwanted programs
Uninstall unwanted programs

Step 2. Remove and another adware using AdwCleaner utility. Press Scan and than press Cleaning:

remove using adwcleaner utility

Step 3. Scan your system using MBAM and remove all malicious items. This will surely remove searchtds installer:

remove searchtds installer using MBAM

Step 4. Restore the default search setting in browser.

restore google search in chrome

If the setting is locked you can unlock it as we wrote here:

search engine locked in chrome

Step 5. Remove from the home page and startup pages in Chrome:

restore startup pages and home page in browser

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