How to remove Full removal guide is a typical browser-hijacker. The website is disguised as a search engine with news blog. However, all search queries are instantly redirected to google. So we can say that searchstart is designed to bring revenue to its owners. Here is how to remove from the browser and get rid of searchstart virus ads and news. 
how to remove

How to remove from the browser

Step 1. Scan your system using AdwCleaner and remove adware:


Step 2. Scan your PC using Anti-Malware and agree to remove all found items:

remove traces

Step 3. Restore your default search engine in browser:

make-google-default-search-engineIf the default search setting is locked, unlock it using this guide:

default search setting locked


Step 4. Restore startup pages in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE):

restore home page and startup pages

Extra steps to remove from the system

These steps are optional. Follow them if you suspect that the previous steps did not remove completely.

Step 5. Fix the browser shortcuts.

If you see .bat or .cmd in the path of your shortcut you should fix it. Use this guide to fix all shortcuts correctly:

fix browser shortcut

Step 6. Search for a malicious task in the Scheduler and remove it:


Step 7. Scan your system using HijackThis utility. If you see in the results mark it and delete. Here is an example on how to remove a hijacker:


Step 8. Remove from the registry.

Launch the registry editor:


Click on Computer
Press CTRL+F
Type searchstart
Press Find Next:

remove from the registry

Delete every value containing searchstart or change it to your favourite website where possible:

remove from startup

Press F3 until you see this:


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