– how to remove is a browser hijacker and is distributed by malware. It is positioned as the search engine but in fact it is designed to gather information about users. All search queries are redirected to But the greatest harm is that it locks the search engine in Google Chrome using group policy so you cannot change it. Here is how to unblock the search setting in Chrome and remove // from browser. 
This is how the page of // looks like:
how to remove

How to remove from Chrome

STEP 1. Scan your PC using AdwCleaner to get rid of hijacker installer and possible the service for controlling the search lock:


STEP 2. Unlock the search settings in Chrome by removing the policy as shown here:

unblock default search in chrome

Unblock default search setting in Chrome

STEP 3. Make authentical Google the default search engine:


STEP 4. Remove (the fake Google search) where the search URL looks like //…

remove //


These steps are usually enough to get rid of in Chrome.

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