How to remove Search Protect (MiuiTab, XTab)

How to completely get rid of Search Protect (Miui Tab or XTab). This removal guide can also be applied to Search Protect by Conduit.

What is SearchProtect (Miui Tab or XTab)

Search Protect is a useless program that often comes with browser hijackers or adware and protects the unwanted search engines from being changed:


How to remove SearchProtect

End Miui processes

It is not necessary but preferable to launch the Task Manager and end the following processes:

C:\Program Files\MiuiTab\CmdShell.exe
C:\Program Files\MiuiTab\HPNotify.exe
C:\Program Files\MiuiTab\ProtectService.exe

In old versions of this software it is possible to find:


Uninstall Miui Tab

Go to

Program Files\MiuiTab\

Click Uninstall.exe:


Press Uninstall button and remove MiuiTab from Windows:


Remove all traces of SearchProtect

Use HitmanPro to scan your system and remove all the remains of malicious programs. (Read the manual). This utility is known to successfully remove Search protect by Conduit, Xtab, MiuiTab and related adware:


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