How to remove Rusearcher ( is a browser hijacker. It gets on your PC together with malware. As a result the default search is blocked by the Group Policy and all your search queries are redirected to The site itself is absolutely useless. Here is how to remove // from Chrome browser and restore the search engine. 
how to remove

How to remove

STEP 1. Download the latest version of AdwCleaner. Scan your PC and remove rusearcher installer and get rid of all other adware:

remove and other adware

Remove adware that installed

STEP 2. Remove the Group Policy to unlock the search engine setting in Chrome following these steps:

unlock the search settings to get rid of rusearcher

Unlock the search settings

STEP 3. Now, when the default search setting is unlocked, assign Google (or whatever you prefer) to be the default search in browser:

remove from search in Chrome

Remove from search in browser

STEP 4. Remove // from Startup pages and Home page settings:

get rid of in Chrome

Get rid of in Chrome