How to remove or Removal guide and are ordinary browser hijackers. The malware program sets up // as the default search engine and start page in your browser. Often users cannot change them back to Google or Bing because the settings are blocked by unwanted browser extension. Here is how to get rid of in Chrome, Firefox and Opera. how to remove (removal guide)

How to remove from browser

Perform the following steps to get rid of mystart in browser.

  1. Go to Programs and features and uninstall DealWifi (Deal Wifi Hotspot) by Rafo Technology Inc:
  2. Go to browser Settings.
  3. Delete the extension named oem_Newsearch123 or something like that. It is very important because the search engine, home page or startup page settings can be blocked by this extension so you cannot change them.
    By the way you can also go to Search engine settings, move the mouse cursor onto the icon at the end of the line and when you see the pop-up notification “This setting is controlled by oem_NewSearch123” click Disable:

    remove-mystart2-dealwifi-com-disable-extensionAfter that you will be able to set up Google as a default search. Do not forget to delete // that is used to redirect you to //
  4. If some settings are still blocked after you removed all suspicious extensions you can unlock them by removing the policy from Google Chrome.
  5. Remove or from the Startup page and Home page settings:

    Restore Startup pages and Home page
  6. Reset the browser if you beleive that other settings have been modified by malware:
  7. Check the browser shortcuts. Be sure to remove URLs like

We hope these steps will help you to get rid of hijacker.