How to remove from the browser is a website that pops up in Chrome all the time. The website itself does not seem to be intrusive at first glance. But users complain that it is opening by itself when they launch the browser. Here is how to get rid of autorun in browser.  remove from browser

How to get rid of automatically

Install Zemana Antimalware. Scan your system using deep scan mode and remove everything that will be found:

zemana remove malware deep scan

Scan your system using AdwCleaner and remove all adware and PUPs:

how to remove

How to remove manually

To remove traces of perform the following steps:

Step 1. Launch the Task Scheduler and look through the list of tasks thoroughly. Delete the task launching unfamiliar exe-file.

delete malicious task

Step 2. Check the shortcuts of all web browsers. If paths look like modified by malware fix such shortcuts as we wrote in our article:

fix browser shortcut

Step 3. Restore startup pages in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE:


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