How to remove AliExpress “virus” (pop-up pages like

The problem may manifest itself in different ways: either Aliexpress website opens when you launch your Chrome or the browser opens automatically with Aliexpress website every five or ten minutes. Anyway, here is how to remove it from Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.
how to remove aliexpress (

How to get rid of ads

Step 1. Uninstall unwanted programs 

Go to Programs and features:

programs and features

Sort the installed software by date. Look through the list of applications and remove unwanted programs:

uninstall unwanted and adware programs

Step 2. Remove adware using AdwCleaner

Check your system using the latest version of AdwCleaner and remove all found items:

how to remove aliexpress: adwcleaner

This will remove the “installer” of Aliexpress Ads and malicious task from the Windows scheduler that opens the same page every 5 or 10 minutes.

Step 3. Fix the shortcuts

Check the shortcut of every browser. Pay attention on paths and file extensions and restore shortcuts if needed.

Broken shortcut:

how to remove aliexpress: fix the shortcut of the browser

Normal Chrome shortcut:

normal browser shortcut

In this guide we wrote about default browsers’ paths and about how to fix the shortcut.

Step 4. Remove unwanted extensions from the Chrome & Firefox

Go to the Extensions page and remove all unfamiliar and unwanted extensions:

remove unwanted extension from the browser

Extra steps to remove the website

If you still see the pop-up websites of aliexpress in your browser do the following:

1. Install CCleaner. Launch it, go to Tools Startup Scheduled Tasks and thoroughly inspect all tasks. If you find the task launching Chrome with Aliexpress website, delete that one:

remove task launching

2. Check your system using Anti-Malware and remove all found items:

remove aliexpress and other adware

These steps should help you get rid of pop-up pages and ads.

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  1. I had a modified shortcut. Malware broke it completely so I re-createdit using your guide. Thanks a lot! Aliexpress ads have gone!


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