Podoweb. How to remove

What is Podoweb?

Podoweb is an adware program. It is positioned as online helper for finding the best prices. But in fact it is designed just to bring revenue to its developers. Read about how to remove Podoweb ads. podoweb0

How did PodoWeb get on my computer?

As a rule Podoweb is being distributed as a sponsored software in a bundle with freeware programs.

Harm from Podoweb

1.Modifies the browser settings without user permission.

The start page and default search provider can be changed.

2.Causes the unwanted advertisement appear.

Various third-party advertising banners integrate into the website content and greatly slow down the browser performance.

3. Slows down the computer. 

The browser begins to work extremely slow because of the third-party ads and coupons.

4. Parts of Podoweb program remain in the system even after the uninstallation.

You have to use the special software to completely remove Podoweb.

How to remove Podoweb

Uninstall PodoWeb

Launch Programs and Features (WIN+R, appwiz.cpl, Enter):


Click on Podoweb in list and press Uninstall:


If you do not find Podoweb in the list, look for the following:

  • Coupon Samurai
  • Coupon Chaser
  • Coupon Alert

…and uninstall those programs.

Remove PodoWeb Extensions

Check all browsers and remove Podoweb extentions and add-ons from everywhere (Manual)


Clean the remains of PodoWeb with utilities

1. Perform a system scan with HijackThis. Check all items containing a word ‘Podoweb’ and press Fix checked:


2. Do a system scan with AdwCleaner. Delete all found items if there are such:


AdwCleaner manual.

3. Scan your system with Anti-Malware and delete all found malware including Podoweb:


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