Picexa Viewer. How to remove

What is it?

Picexa Viewer is an adware program. It is positioned as an image viewer but it is also able to show ads labelled “Ads by Picexa”. picexa: smartscreen

How to remove it manually

1. End the Process

Launch the Task Manager.
Go to the Details tab.
End the process named picexasvc.exe:

kill process picexasvc.exe
kill process picexasvc.exe

2. Try to uninstall the program

Go to Programs and Features.
Search for Picexa or Picexa Viewer published by Taiwan Shui Mu Chih Ching Technology Limited and try to uninstall it:


How to remove the unwanted program automatically

1. Use AdwCleaner

Perform a scan with AdwCleaner by pressing Scan. Than press Cleaning and confirm the reboot:


2. Scan your system with Anti-Malware

Download MBAM Free (details). Scan your system and remove all found malware and PUP:

Remove Picexa Viewer using Anti-Malware

These steps are usually enough to get rid of unwanted software on your Windows PC.