IQIYI (QIYI, PPS). How to remove

IQIYI Video (QIYI, PPS) is a chinese program. It serves for video watching and entertainment . Very often users do not know how to remove it, because everything is in chinese language. In this article you will find the guide about how to get rid of IQIYI Video.  Continue reading

How to set up a wi-fi hotspot on Android

What is a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot or Mobile Hotspot on Android

Wifi-hotspot is a feature that allows Android device work as a Wireless Access Point (AP). In this mode Android smartphone or tablet connects to the Internet via 3G/LTE and uses its wifi-module purely to distribute the Internet to other devices. Mobile Hotspot feature would be very useful, for instance, when you are outside and wish to connect your laptop to the Internet. Continue reading

How to quickly translate the text on Android

You wish to translate a part of text of an article but you do not want Chrome to translate the whole web page? Today we will show you a very quick way to translate the selected text in browser (a single word or a phrase) without turning on the auto-translation function. By the way, how many taps do you perform on your Android device to see the translation of an unknown word on a website? Continue reading