How to remove ( hijacker from browser

Users report about a new browser hijacker from russian developers. The browser opens by itself every five minutes with intrusive web pages like // or // Read about how to get rid of those intrusive websites.

Steps to remove // and //

1. Delete all files and folders in


2. Delete all recently downloaded software from Downloads folder:

Delete recent downloads

3. Download the latest version AdwCleaner (details). Scan your system. Then click on Cleaning and agree to reboot:


4. Install MalwareBytes Anti-Malware (details). Perform a full system scan and remove all found malware:


Extra steps to remove the traces of ( hijacker using CCleaner

1. Inspect the startup items. Go to Tools Startup, then check all tabs and disable malicious entries:


2. Clean your system using CCleaner. It is recommended that you clean:

  • cache and cookies for all installed browsersafter-malware-ccleaner2
  • system temporary foldersafter-malware-ccleaner1
  • system registry ccleaner-clean-registry

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