How to manually Sync SplenDO to Google Account

Question: I know how to sync SplenDO automatically. But I don’t like the automatic mode cause it starts syncing after every movement in the app and I have to wait all the time. How can I manually sync tasks in SplenDO? 


  1. Ensure you have set up your Google Account and selected Manual Sync Mode in SplenDO: splendo manual sync setup account
  2. Just pull from the top to the bottom while on main screen to manually sync all your tasks to your Google Account:

splendo app manual sync to google

That’s all. Now you will have all your notes backed up to the cloud. You it when it is comfortable for you. For example, you edited all your tasks for today and when you are done just swipe down from the top once and everything will be synced to your account. So you won’t have to wait for the app to back up each time after you edited every single task.

4 thoughts on “How to manually Sync SplenDO to Google Account”

      • Yes, I found mine – I just googled and lo and behold there were all of my SplenDo tasks.
        I do have SplenDo set to sync, on “auto” setting.
        There were a bunch of out of date tasks there as well.
        The great news was that the reason I was doing this is because my tasks all wiped themselves off my phone – but they were still in google tasks – hooray!


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