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Why you should get rid of apps and services group is a media company that owns the e-mail service with the same name which is popular in CIS countries and provides mailboxes at,,, domains. Many years ago they launched their own search engine and started developing a number of services and applications. The main feature of Mail.Ru products is that they are often spread in an intrusive way – there is no warning about additional soft to install.

In most cases users are surprised at seeing icons and start page like // or // in Chrome, Firefox and IE after they have just installed a freeware program. As far as we know Mail.Ru just pays money to software developers but does not control how honestly they distribute sponsored applications. In our detailed guide read about how to remove apps from PC, and get rid of search and start page in Chrome, Firefox or IE. 

how to remove

How to remove Mail.Ru from PC and browser

Uninstall all their programs

Launch Programs and features:

programs and features

Uninstall all software by that is possible to remove:

  • Amigo browser
  • Agent
  • Guard
  • Sputnik
  • Mail.Ru Visual bookmarks
  • Unity web player
  • MailRuUpdater

Uninstall Software

Remove Mail.Ru extensions from browsers

Review all installed extensions. Remove search, visual bookmarks extensions from Chrome, Opera and Firefox. We recommend that you turn off all unknown extensions:

remove extensions delete search extension

Disable and remove extensions

Press Reset browser settings if you see this:


Remove from default search engine

In you see that an extension is controlling the setting do not hesitate to click Disable extension:

Remove search

It may also happen that you see “This setting is enforced by your administrator”:

policy on chrome

In this case you will need to unlock the search engine setting. (It happens that an intrusive site (like or is selected as a default search engine and the setting is locked by the browser policy. As you may know from our previous publications there exist several websites that redirect to //

unblock the search engine

After that you would be able to:

  • choose your favorite search engine;
  • and delete from search providers list:

remove search from the list

Remove from startup page and home page

Go to browser Settings – Home Page.
Delete “//…” page.
Specify your favourite page (or just leave the field blank and switch to Use the new tab page).
Press OK to save settings:

remove from home page

Then go to the Startup Pages settings.
Delete URL from Startup pages list.
Specify startup pages addresses you prefer or just leave those fields blank.
Press OK to save:

remove from startup page

Remove the remains of software

Using AdwCleaner

AdwCleaner is known to automatically detect and delete a lot of crapware including soft. Download the latest version of the tool (read here). Then all you need to do is:

  • press Scan,
  • wait,
  • press Cleaning
  • agree to restart when it is done:

remove using adwcleaner toolSome more proof the tool is great:

adwcleaner adwcleaner

Using HitmanPro

Perform the system check as described here and remove all malicious elements from your machine:

Remove crapware using HitmanPro

Using CCleaner

1. Remove files older than 24 hours so it will clean all files in temporary folders:


And clean the system as shown below:

clean temp folders

2. Clean the registry:

clean registry

3. Delete entries from startup:

remove amigo and from startup

Remove the traces of from the registry

Launch the registry editor:


Search for the following words:

  • sputnik
  • amigo

Delete from registry

and delete all registry values and keys that contain them:

delete keys from registry

Go to the key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

Delete // (or similar) page from the value:

Remove from ie startpage

Remove files, folders and shortcuts

Search for, Amigo and Sputnik folders. Delete them including all files and subfolders. Pay special attention to the folder


remove files and folders

Delete shortcuts from the desktop and unpin such from the taskbar:

Remove shortcuts

Remove URLs from shortcuts

Check shortcuts of all browsers. Delete all URLs from the Target field and click OK:

delete URLs from shortcuts

We hope this guide helped you to get rid of this unwanted website.

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  1. Thanks a lot! I finally managed to get rid of that ugly Amigo by! AdwCleaner does the thing!

  2. Best tutorial I found and well written with good detail. This helped me to get rid of this annoying thing. Thank you very much.


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