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Time-to-read is a browser-hijacker. It is disguised as a search engine but in fact it redirects all search queries to As a rule this intrusive website appears in all installed browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc. It has a lot of domains-redirectors. They all redirect to:


Below you will find the step by step guide and a video guide about how to get rid of in the browser.

Attention! The guide is divided into two parts: automatic removal and manual removal. Unfortunately the automatic method is not 100% successful on practice because the developers of the hijacker are constantly modifying their malware. So, if you can not remove the pop-up using the automatic method, please try to remove it manually.

How to remove time-to-read

1. Scan system with HijackThis

Download the TrendMicro HihackThis tool.

Run it and press Scan.

Inspect the list thoroughly. Select the items that contain unknown URLs or domain names and press Fix checked: hijackthis

2. Scan with AdwCleaner

Download the latest version of the AdwCleaner utility. Press “Scan”, wait and then press “Clean” to remove virus installer and task:

remove using adwcleaner

3. Scan with HitmanPro

Download HitmanPro. Scan the system and remove all found malicious programs:

delete traces using hitmanpro

How to remove manually

1. Find out the website name that redirects you to

The best way to do it is to turn off the internet. All possible ways to do it are:

  • unplug the ethernet cable from your wired network card;

unplug the ethernet cable

  • disconnect from Wi-Fi;

disconnect from your wifi

  • disable the network interface;

disable network interface

After you turned off the Internet reboot your system:

reboot windows

Wait for the browser to launch. You will see which site tries to load before Copy the web address:

site redirector

Now let us remove

2. Delete harmful task

There is a task that ads the to the registry. Launch the Task scheduler and look through all tasks. Delete all the task executing unknown files:

remove the task that installs

This is also can be done with CCleaner:

remove the malicious task

3. Inspect the startup

In Windows XP and 7 you can run msconfig:


Go to Startup tab and uncheck the items that contain harmful elements:

remove from startup

In Windows 8 and 10 we recommend to use CCleaner. Go to Tools – Startup – Windows. If you see a suspicious string containing the malware URL select it and press Delete:


4. Clear some folders in user profile

  • Open the folder:

Delete folders with strange names like:

  • Empty the folder:

remove 'time to read' folders

5. Remove from the registry

Press Win+R
Type regedit
Press Enter:


  • Search by the phrases

Click on Computer.
Click on Edit in the menu.
Select Find.
Type utm_source or utm_content
Press Find Next:
remove from the registry

and delete all found items:

delete from the registry

  • Search for the name of site-redirector (that you have found out in step 1)

remove site redirector

and delete all detected items.

  • Search for
cmd /c start removal

and delete all found items as well.

6. Remove from Mozilla Firefox

  • Go to:
  • Open the file

or something like that with .js extension

  • Delete the string containing something like:
user_pref(«browser.startup.homepage», «»);
user_pref(«», 1);
  • Save the js-file.

Video Guide: how to remove and similar hijackers

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  1. This is so amazing, that it made me cry!!!!!!.. i had a nasty bundle of .ru viruses.. i got rid of them all, but time to read – which turned out to be granena- that one drove me crazy.. your article helped me clean this last one thanks aloooot


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