How to remove from browser. Removal guide

What is is an intrusive website (browser-hijacker). It is completely useless and is designed purely to generate revenue for its developers. is set as a startpage without user’s permission. It opens every time you launch the browser and you cannot change your startup page to another one. Here is how to remove hijacker from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or another browser and get rid of adware on your PC. 

how to remove removal guide

How to remove

Step 1. Remove adware

Scan your system using AdwCleaner and remove adware and its installers:

remove using adwcleaner utility

Step 2. Remove malware

Scan your PC using Zemana Anti-Malware or MBAM. Remove all found malicious and unwanted items:

remove using zemana deep scan

Step 3. Clean the Temporary folder

Go to


Delete all files and folders inside. This is the folder where the adware and PUP instellers are usually located.

Step 4. Delete all recent downloads

Go to your Downloads folder, sort files by date descending and delete all recently downloaded files that might be the source of infection.

delete suspicious files

How to restore the browser after you removed

Step 1. Restore default search setting in the browser

Make Google the default search engine and remove unwanted url after that:

restore the default search engine

If the default search setting is locked use this guide to unlock it:

search setting locked

Step 2. Restore the startup pages and the home page:

remove from startup page and home page

Step 3. Fix browser shortcuts

Check the shortcuts of all installed browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, etc. If you see changes in paths or you see .bat instead of .exe, fix the shortcut following our guide:

fix browser shortcut

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