How to check if the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is installed or not

How to easily find out if you have already installed the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 on your PC or not. Several simpliest methods to check it out. 

Method 1. Check your Windows version and build

Press Win+R.
Type winver.


Anniversary update has 1607 build number. You should see Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.10):

Version 1607 OS Build 14393.10

2. Another method to check if you have Anniversary Update installed

Launch any executable file as administrator. We will launch AdwCleaner:

run exe file as administrator

If you already have anniversary update installed you will see a new redesigned UAC window:

new uac window

This is the old UAC Window for comparison:

old uac window

3. Recognize Windows 10 Anniversary Update by design

The new design of the systray. The Action Center icon is on the right of the date and time section:

new systray

Here is the old systray layout:

old systray


  1. You may want to add to method #1 that the build number may be greater than “14393.10” if subsequent updates were installed.

  2. Does anyone know why my build number says OS build 14393.479 instead of 14393.10?

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