GoCoupons. How to remove

GoCoupons is an ordinary adware program. It gets on your PC when you install freeware programs downloaded from untrusted sites. GoCoupons is designed to show ads in browsers and generate revenue to its developers. In most cases the app is useless for users and should be removed from computer. 

Uninstall GoCoupons software

Go to Control Panel – Programs and Features and uninstall the app:


If the software is not listed there navigate to


and launch Uninstall.exe:


Ensure you removed GoCoupons extensions from all browsers

In Chrome go to Settings → Extensions and delete the unwanted extension:


In Mozilla Firefox you need to open Menu → Addons → Extensions.
In IE click on Gear icon → Manage add-ons and then look through all categories of add-ons and disable unwanted ones. But we recommend to use CCleaner to remove add-ons from IE.

Remove all traces of GoCoupons using special utilities

Scan your PC using AdwCleaner and remove all detected unwanted programs:

remove GoCoupons using AdwCleaner by Xplode

In addition it is highly recommended that your check your system suing Anti-Malware Free and eliminate all found items:

remove GoCoupons using Anti-Malware

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