Gmail stopped syncing on Android. How to fix?

Question: My Gmail app stopped syncing (updating) automatically. I don’t receive emails until I manually launch Gmail app and pull down to update. How do I fix this on my Galaxy S phone?

Answer: you need to have three things enabled to be able to receive incoming emails automatically and immediately as they are sent:

  1. Enable Mobile Data. Ensure you have set up mobile data and turn it on. Actually this seems to be OKAY in your case.
  2. Enable Sync. Tap on the Sync toggle in quick toggles: enable mobile data and sync
  3. Enable Gmail auto sync. Do the following:
  • Go to Settings > Accounts. Tap on Google: android > settings > accounts > google
  • Tap right on your Google account name ([email protected]):
    tap on your google account
  • Check the flag Sync Gmailcheck-the-flag-sync-gmail
    Once you’ve done this, Gmail should start syncing automatically.

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