How to remove GetSearch (

GetSearch is a name of the browser hijacker. One day you can find that GetSearch is your default search engine in Chrome and all search queries are redirected to // (malicious website). In most cases the hijacker gets on your computer when you launch harmful files downloaded from fraudulent websites. For example, you may click on ad suggesting you to download a free utility but its installer package would contain additional unwanted apps for ads injection and hijacking your browser. Here is how to remove GetSearch from Google Chrome and get rid of // website. 
how to remove (getsearch)

How to remove GetSearch ( from Chrome

Remove Chrome Search program

Open Programs and features:

programs and features

Uninstall > Chrome Search (or something like that) from your computer:

> Chrome Search remove
Uninstall Chrome Search program

Manually remove GetSearch (// from Chrome

If is still impossible to change the default search engine, perform the following steps:

STEP 1. Remove the policy from Google Chrome:

Remove locking policy
Unblock search settings

If you fail to do this try to find and remove the malicious protecting service.

STEP 2. Go to Chrome settings. Make Google your default search:

make google default search engine
Make Google default search

STEP 3. Remove GetSearch (…) unwanted search engine from the list:

remove getsearch
Remove GetSearch (//

STEP 4. Remove unwanted website (// or another) from Startup pages and Home page settings:

remove from startup
Remove from startup