Fplr.biz – fraudulent website

Fplr.biz is a deceptive site that tricks users into installing malware disguised as ‘Flash player update’. FPLR abbreviation is a try to resemble a Flash PLayeR. In reality the site is designed purely to distribute bundles with potentially unwanted programs (most of which belong to adware type) and infect computers with browser hijakers. 

This is how it looks

You are prompted to download or install allegedly a flash player. In fact it doesn’t really matter whether you click Download or you click Install or even you do not click at all:

install free flv player top download 2014

Anyway the download starts. We can see that the file is located on achy.cockcross.ru:


You get an archive named FFPsetup. There is FFPsetup.exe inside:


Consequences of the launch of FFPsetup.exe

First after you launch the file you see

mid-soft llc

Result: ProxyHijacker detected