Fast Browser for Old Android Device

As you surely know every new version of any app contains new features but unfortunately often works more slowly than the previous one. Some time ago we wrote about how Chrome works on old devices. And for sure, every owner of an old Android device looks for the browser that will work fast on the old phone or tablet. And here is our opinion on this issue.

Fast browser for old Android

CM Browser

cm browser

CM Browser stands for Cheetah Mobile Browser.
Developer: Cheetah Mobile.
It is a really super fast browser for old Android device! It loads every website perfectly, has bookmarks, incognito mode, night mode and stable work.

Next Browser

next browser

Developer: GO Launcher Dev Team.

Mozilla Firefox

mozilla firefox

A well-known browser. It should be said that new versions work better than previous.



It is rather fast but its developer has a disputable reputation. You may try this one if you want to.



Opera is not a fast browser any more. Neither Opera Classic, nor Opera Mini. Unfortunately, it works very slowly on old and cheap Android devices like Galaxy Ace.

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