How to remove ContentPush News

ContentPush News is a set of third-party pop-up ads, injected into browser by an adware program. In different cases illegal ads can be injected either by an unwanted browser extension or by an unwanted program changing your DNS, proxy settings, adding routes or using another tricks. Your system can get infected when you launch unfamiliar files downloaded from untrusted websites. You can even get the program you were looking for, but it is a high probability that another unwanted adware program will be installed together with it. Here is how to uninstall and remove adware programs and get rid of ContentPush News ads in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera). 

Uninstall suspicious programs

We advise to start ContentPush News removal process with inspecting the list of installed apps. Sort programs by date descending and remove recently installed software that seems suspicious or unfamiliar to you:

uninstall suspicious software

Also check the C:\Program Files\ContentPush\ folder. Launch Uninst.exe or Uninstall.exe to remove the program that is showing ads.

Remove ContentPush News ads using special utilities

If you want to get rid of ContentPush News adds we advise that you first scan your system using AdwCleaner and remove all found items through the reboot (AdwCleaner guide):

ContentPush News removal

After that it would be great to check your system using Zemana Anti-Malware deep scan and also remove everything that will be detected:

Content Push News removal using zemana

If the trial period of your Zemana copy has ended, scan your system using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and remove all detected malware and unwanted programs (MBAM guide):

ContentPush News removal using mbam

Remove the traces of Content Push News

Step 1. Remove unknown extensions from browsers:

remove unwanted extension

Step 2. Restore startup pages:

restore browser settings - startup pages

Step 3. Restore the default search settings:

restore default search in Chrome

Unlock the search setting if it is locked using this guide:

remove policy from chrome

Step 4. Ensure that all browser shortcuts are OK. Fix them if you see incorrect paths:

fix shortcut

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    • You should scan your system using MBAM, AdwCleaner and HitmanPro. Then try to find the system folder of Qksee in Program Files or your profile folder and try to uninstall it by running uninst.exe or smth like that. It should remove Qksee.

  1. Help i have uninstalled content push via control panel but ads still popped up, ran uninstall.exe but did not uninstall, pls help im using windows 8


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