Chrome app started updating forcefully on Android while the new version of Chrome works badly on old devices

The latest versions of Chrome work bad on cheap or old Android devices. So many people used to turn off the auto-updates and use factory versions of Chrome on their budget devices (like Galaxy Ace series). But recently the Chrome app started forcefully updating to the last versions without permisson regardless the auto-update feature is disabled for the app.

You are confident the Chrome won’t be updated but suddenly you see the notification:

1 application updated: Chrome Browser - Google


What should I do if Chrome is slowing down on an old (or cheap) Android phone?

Step 1. Turn off the Chrome app and uninstall the updates

Go to Settings → More → Application Manager

Find Chrome

Tap Turn off:


Agree to Uninstall the updates:


Step 2. Install alternative browser

The only way out is to install a different browser for Android. We recommend Next Browser


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