Wedsoft. How to remove

Wedsoft is a potentially unwanted program which gets on your computer when you install freeware applications from untrusty websites. This program was designed to generate revenue for its developers but it is useless for you.  Continue reading Thank you for downloading. Is this a virus?

Q: My browser launches by itself and // opens with message “Thank you for downloading”. What does it mean?
A: To be short it means that your computer is likely to be infected with malware and potentially unwanted programs. The website // is know to open after the installation of PUP is completed. You need to cure your PC from malware as soon as possible.  Continue reading

How to fix browser shortcuts, modified by malware

Malware programs often modify the browser shortcut to force you attend numerous intrusive websites, show you ads and install additional adware on your PC. The problem is that antivirus programs and anti-malware utilities are able to kill malware but they often are unable to detect modified shortcuts and remove files which they are pointing to. As a result your browser can still direct you to a hijacking-webpage despite your computer is actually clean of malware. In this case you need to fix the shortcuts for your Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other browsers manually. Continue reading

Apps Hat (WebPlayer) PUP. How to remove

AppsHat is an unwanted program that is spread in bundles. Here is the guide on how to remove AppsHat and WebPlayer from computer. How do you think I knew about Apps Hat? I tried to uninstall Adobe Flash Player ActiveX and got the message: “The installer will automatically continue when these conflicting applications are closed” : Continue reading

Ads by DNS Unlocker. How to remove

Ads by DNS Unlocker is a serious malware infection which is hard to remove manually. If in most cases it is enough to delete a browser extension to remove the intrusive third-party ads from the browser. But it won’t help with the current threat. Here is our guide on how to get rid of Ads by DNS Unlocker.  Continue reading