Twilight Pretty Search. How to remove

Twilight Pretty Search is a potentially unwanted program published by Twilight Tech. It is able to modify the default search engine and startup pages settings. Actually it is absolutely useless for you. We recommend to get rid of such kind of intrusive software. Here is how to remove Twilight Pretty Search.  Continue reading – how to remove

how to remove is a browser hijacker and is distributed by malware. It is positioned as the search engine but in fact it is designed to gather information about users. All search queries are redirected to But the greatest harm is that it locks the search engine in Google Chrome using group policy so you cannot change it. Here is how to unblock the search setting in Chrome and remove // from browser.  Continue reading

SearchProtectService (SPS). Protect For Chrome Secure Search.

What is SearchProtectService (SPS)

Description: Protect For Chrome Secure Search.
The description sound serious. But in fact this service is malicious. It is designed to lock the intrusive search engine in Chrome. Thus users are unable to restore the settings in the browser . You should remove SearchProtectService (SPS) as soon as possible. Here is how to get rid of it. Continue reading How to remove

how to remove is disguised as a search engine. But in fact it is an ordinary browser hijacker. If you type a search query and press Enter you will be immediately redirected to The intrusive website hijacks your browser: default search engine, new tab and homepage are changed to // Here is how to remove from browser and get rid of all its traces on computer.  Continue reading

How to remove or Removal guide

how to remove (removal guide) and are ordinary browser hijackers. The malware program sets up // as the default search engine and start page in your browser. Often users cannot change them back to Google or Bing because the settings are blocked by unwanted browser extension. Here is how to get rid of in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.  Continue reading