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how to remove is a browser hijacker. One day you can notice that your default search engine has been changed to // and this site opens every time you launch Chrome browser. All search queries are redirected to The main problem is that you are unable to change the default search setting because it is “blocked by administrator”. Here is how to unlock browser settings, remove, get rid of adware and restore your default search provider.

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How to remove is an intrusive website that can be classified as a browser hijacker. When your computer gets infected by malware the startup page and home page are changed to // without your consent or permission. All search queries would be redirected to In some cases the adware is able to generate third-party ads in your browser. Malicious programs installing the hijacker are usually distributed in bundles with freeware apps. You risk to infect your PC if you download programs and utilities from unknown websites. Here is the guide on how to remove, restore sturtup page and get rid of ads in the browser.  Continue reading

How to remove GetSearch (

how to remove

GetSearch is a name of the browser hijacker. One day you can find that GetSearch is your default search engine in Chrome and all search queries are redirected to // (malicious website). In most cases the hijacker gets on your computer when you launch harmful files downloaded from fraudulent websites. For example, you may click on ad suggesting you to download a free utility but its installer package would contain additional unwanted apps for ads injection and hijacking your browser. Here is how to remove GetSearch from Google Chrome and get rid of // website.  Continue reading

How to remove Rusearcher (

how to remove is a browser hijacker. It gets on your PC together with malware. As a result the default search is blocked by the Group Policy and all your search queries are redirected to The site itself is absolutely useless. Here is how to remove // from Chrome browser and restore the search engine.  Continue reading How to remove

how to remove search is a fake search provider and browser hijacker. It changes the default search engine in Chrome and directs all your search queries to The problem is you cannot remove // because the default search setting is locked by the group policy. Here is how to get rid of in Chrome and change the search engine to Google or whatever you like.  Continue reading