How to remove | Removal guide is a browser hijacker. One day you can notice that your default search engine has been changed to // and this site opens every time you launch Chrome browser. All search queries are redirected to The main problem is that you are unable to change the default search setting because it is “blocked by administrator”. Here is how to unlock browser settings, remove, get rid of adware and restore your default search provider.

how to remove

How to remove

STEP 1. Download the latest version of AdwCleaner. Scan your PC and remove 2ndserp’s installer and delete another adware:

remove and other adware

Remove adware that installed

STEP 2. Unlock the search engine setting in Chrome using this guide:

unlock the search settings to get rid of

Unlock the search settings

STEP 3. After you have unlocked the default search setting in Chrome, make Google your default search:

remove from search in Chrome

Remove from search in browser

STEP 4. Remove // URL from Startup pages and Home page settings in Chrome:

get rid of in Chrome

Get rid of in Chrome