What is Can I assign this IP address to a network card?

Frequent questions: what is What an unusual IP address ending with zero? Can I assign IP address to my router, the network card of my computer or android phone? So let us look at what is this.

What is

As you may know every subnet has three service IP addresses:

  • subnet IP,
  • multicast IP,
  • default gateway IP. is a subnet IP address in this case.


1) If computers, smartphones and tablets on a network use IP addresses like,, with subnet mask the subnet address is

2) If network devices’ IP addresses are,, with subnet mask the subnet address is

Typical LAN address assignment model

Today a home or small office computer network structure usually looks like this:

  • subnet IP: x.x.0.0,
  • network devices’ addresses: x.x.0.1x.x.0.253,
  • default gateway: x.x.0.254,
  • multicast: x.x.0.255.

Can I assign to a network card of my laptop or PC?

No! You shouldn’t assign this address to any network device (even to your router) because in this case your network may function improperly and you may encounter various network-related problems. The nearest example: your device may be unaccessible over the LAN.

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