Smart Storage Feature In Android 8 Oreo: Free Up Space Automatically

What Is Smart Storage In Android 8 Oreo

Photos and videos are the things that consume the space most of all. In Android 8 Oreo you have a nice feature called Smart Storage. It Allows you to automatically delete images and video files that has been already backed up. So it is highly unlikely that you run out of free space on your device. 

How To Set Up Smart Storage

Let us set up the Smart Storage feature to free up space as rapidly as possible.

  1. Go to Settings > StorageSettings - Storage
  2. Tap on Smart StorageSmart Storage properties
  3. Ensure it is switched On.
  4. Select Over 30 days old30 days remove backed up 

This means that all your camera content will be deleted from the storage after 30 days is it has been successfully uploaded to Google Photos.


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