How to rename the user profile folder in Windows 10 (C:\Users\Username)

Folks on Internet often ask how to rename the profile folder in C:\Users. If you are using thge Microsoft account the folder name is usually shortened in a random way and very often looks weird. For instance for the user we have the path C:\Users\Tunec\. So let’s see how to change the name of this folder in Windows 10 Pro and Home.

windows 10 rename user folder

How to rename the user account profile folder in Windows 10

This method works with any edition of Windows 10: Home, Pro or Enterprise

1. Ensure that you have another admin account. If you do not have such you can temporarily activate the built-in user called Administrator:

net user administrator /active:yes

enable built in admin

Note, that if you have non-English version of Windows 10,  your Administrator account name will differ. For example, in French version the built-in administrative account has the username “Administrateur”, in Spanish – “Administrador”. Thus, you should specify your exact username otherwise you will get the error “The user name could not be found“! To find out the correct user name type net user in the command line window and hit Enter.

2. Sign out or reboot your PC:


3. Log in to another account:


4. Go to the Users folder (C:\Users by default) and rename the profile folder to whatever you like:

windows 10 rename user profile folder

5. Launch the registry editor:


Navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\

Find the key related to the account the profile of which you have just renamed, find the ProfileImagePath value and rename the path in it to the new one:

windows 10 rename user folder

6. An extra step. Perform it if you encounter errors after you chenged the path to your profile. Search the registry for ‘old account name’. If you find the values with the old path change it the the new one.

Video: How to change the name of the user profile path in Windows 10


  1. Followed the directions but it didn’t work early on. After a reboot and signing on as administrator I tried to change the folder name in the explorer (e.g. tunec to but got the error:
    “Folder in Use
    The action can’t be completed because the folder of file in it is open in another program.”
    I thought is was because the c: drive was shared so I unshared, rebooted, and retried but got the same error. This installation of Win10 is only a few days old.

    1. Hello! If you solved this please let me know! It’s absolutely killing me, and I’m not bad at CS.

  2. Hello,
    Firstly you need to sign out from the user account you wish to change.Simply go to start menu click on the user icon then on sign out option,now sign in with administrator account and you are all done.
    Hope this will help you!

  3. So did I just wreck my OneDrive with this? It doesn’t seem to be functioning. How can I restore it?

  4. I am having the exact same problem as “rh”: “Folder in Use
    The action can’t be completed because the folder of file in it is open in another program.”

    This is on a laptop in which the other user cannot possibly be open, I’m running admin. Meaning that the solution proposed by “Satyam Srivastava” also does not help.

  5. This worked absolutely wonderful for me. I searched for months on how to fix this issue. Thank you so much for this.

  6. I had same issue as rh, couldn’t rename, but did a full restart at that point and I was able to rename and follow the rest of the steps…Worked fully, thanks

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