Black Screen On Windows 10 Creators Update Installation

Many users reportedly encountered the black screen issue when they tried to install Windows 10 Creators Update using the official Upgrade Assistant utility by Microsoft. The Issue looks like the following: when the Upgrade Assistant finishes its work under Windows 10, it reboots the PC to begin the upgrade procedure. Thus, you see the progress persentage on the blue screen. And when it reaches 30% or so the system is rebooted once more and boots to a black screen without a cursor.  Continue reading

How to add the number row to Google Pixel’s keyboard

number row enabled

Many of you for sure got used to the number row on your Android virtual keyboard. However it is not activated by default on Google Pixel and Pixel XL. The dedicated row of digits allows you to quickly type digits without need to switch to another page, however, in this case the keyboard takes more space and covers more area of your screen. Anyways, here is how to enable the number row in Google keyboard on Pixel or Pixel XL. Continue reading

Where Is The File Manager On Google Pixel And How to Add Its Shortcut To The Home Screen

file explorer (file manager) on Google Pixel

Google Pixel has a built-in File Manager app (however it is hidden a bit). You can explore all files and folders and even perform all basic operations with them. In this article read about:

  • how to find a File Manager on Google Pixel and Pixel XL under Android Nougat 7;
  • how to perform basic operations with files and folders in the built-in explorer app;
  • how to add a shortcut to File Manager to the home screen of Google Pixel.

Continue reading

How to record high-quality stereo sound on Google Pixel

high-quality stereo sound recording on Google Pixel

Google Pixel comes without a pre-installed audio recording app. And as far as it shoots video with mono sound audio many people believe Pixel is not capable of stereo sound recording (despite it has two built-in microphones). Here we will prove that it is not true. Read about how to easily record high-quality stereo sound on Google Pixel and Pixel XL.  Continue reading