How to secure wifi-router

Nowadays almost in all appartments there is at least one wireless router or modem. Everybody wants to buy such equipment but not everyone knows how to secure the router properly. Read our tips about router protection and security. Continue reading

View Similar. How to remove?

“View Similar” as well as “See Similar” is an illegal third-party ads. They are injected into site content by unwanted software (browser extension) which gets on computer with free software. So if you notice unwanted ads labelled “View Similar” in Chrome or Firefox read the removal guide below. Continue reading

exe.emorhc.bat (exe.erolpxei.bat) – what is it?

If you see exe.emorhc.bat or exe.erolpxei.bat in the path, it means that the shortcut of the browser was modified by the malware program. As a result you may experience the following problems:

  • unknown page opens as a homepage;
  • the default search engine is changed to unknown service;
  • various third-party ads appear in the browser on all sites.

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