Download An APK File Of Any Android App From Google Play

download APK file of any Android app

From this article you will learn about several websites where you can download any app as an .apk file for free. You may need an .apk file if you want to run some app on Android emulator, you are using LineageOS (former CyanogenMod) without Google software or, perhaps, install in onto an ordinary Android device without Google Account.  Continue reading

WiFi Not Working On Android: Phone Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi With Correct Password

Wi-Fi 5 GHz 802.11ac

Some time ago we wrote about how to fix issue with Internet access. In this article we will mention all possible reasons and solutions to fix Wi-Fi not working on Android device such as phone or tablet. The problem may look quite different. For instance:

  • All mobile devices connect to WiFi except one.
  • Mobile device connects to all wireless networks but won’t connect to your home router.
  • Android phone (tablet) connects to Wi-Fi but suddenly disconnects for no obvious reason soon (or after a definite period of time).

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How To Boot Into Recovery Mode On Google Pixel (Pixel XL)

recovery mode Google Pixel

Recovery mode allows you to apply an update, view information like IMEI, serial number or factory reset your device (especially if you cannot do it from Android settings: e.g. your Android is stuck on logo and won’t boot normally or it is constantly performing a boot loop). Here we will explain how to enter Android Recovery Mode on Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones. Continue reading

How To Enable Stats For Nerds In YouTube App On Android

Stats For Nerds In YouTube App On Android

What is Stats for nerds

Stats for nerds is a feature of the YouTube app designed to display the detailed statistics for video and some other information: audio and video formats, video ID, your current bandwidth, viewport, dropped frames, etc. In many cases it can help you find important info and troubleshoot your Internet (mobile data) issues. In this tutorial we will show how to enable Stats for nerds in YouTube App on Google Pixel under Android 7.1.2.  Continue reading