NetAdapter Repair All in One. Fix network problems in one click

What is NetAdapter Repair All in One?

It is a very useful utility designed to fix the majority of problems related to Windows networking.  netadapter-repair0

When do I need to use it?

NetAdapter Repair utility is very useful when you need to fix problems caused by the malware activity (after you have removed the malware):

  • change harmful DNS servers to the correct ones;
  • clear the traces of malware from the hosts file;
  • delete malicious routes, etc.

Download NetAdapter Repair

Download the utility from the official website:

How to fix network with NetAdapter Repair

The utility does not need to be installed. Launch NetAdapter Repair as administrator:


The number of features can be subdivided into two groups:

  • Simple recovery;
  • Advanced repair that requires restart.

Simple operations

If you need to reset the hosts file, flush dns cache, clear route table:

1. First select all operations you wish to perform.

2. Then press Run all selected:


Advanced Network repair

This mode does the following:

1. WinSock / TCP IP Repair.
2. Clear all Proxy / VPN Settings.
3. Windows Firewall Repair.

All you need to perform tha advanced Repair is to press corresponding button and click OK:


The procedure will take about 20 to 30 seconds. After that the system will be restarted to completely reset the network adapter:


The NetAdapter Repair utility will help you fix many of the most common problems with the network.

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