How to remove ( hijacker from browser

Users report about a new browser hijacker from russian developers. The browser opens by itself every five minutes with intrusive web pages like or Read about how to get rid of those intrusive websites.

Steps to remove and

1. Delete all files and folders in


2. Delete all recently downloaded software from Downloads folder:

Delete recent downloads

3. Download the latest version AdwCleaner (details). Scan your system. Then click on Cleaning and agree to reboot:


4. Install MalwareBytes Anti-Malware (details). Perform a full system scan and remove all found malware:


Extra steps to remove the traces of ( hijacker using CCleaner

1. Inspect the startup items. Go to Tools Startup, then check all tabs and disable malicious entries:


2. Clean your system using CCleaner. It is recommended that you clean:

  • cache and cookies for all installed browsersafter-malware-ccleaner2
  • system temporary foldersafter-malware-ccleaner1
  • system registry ccleaner-clean-registry

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