How to remove Kingsoft Antivirus (chinese program)

Kingsoft Internet Security is a chinese antivirus program. It is often spread as a sponsor software and installs without permission. The problem is that user does not know how to remove it because every word is in chinese language. Read about how to get rid of Kingsoft Antivirus (or Internet Security).  kingsoft0000

Close the agent of Kingsoft Antivirus

Right-click the Kingsoft icon in system tray and exit the agent:

Exit chinese program

Exit chinese program

Confirm exit:


Remove Kingsoft Antivirus

Uninstall wizard

In Windows 7, 8, 8.1 go to Control Panel – Programs and Features.

In WIndows 10 go to Settings – System – Apps & Features.

Select ???? (Publisher: Kingsoft Internet Security, help link:

Press Uninstall/Change:

Uninstall Kingsoft Internet Security

Uninstall Kingsoft Internet Security

Press the button on the right:


Click the highlighted button:


Wait until the progress bar reaches 100%:


Close the window:


It may hang. In this case reboot the PC.

Remove all left components

  • Launch the Task Manager;
  • Go to Processes tab (Windows 7) or Details tab (Windows 8, 10);
  • Look for the following processes:
kxetray.exe (????)
kphonetray.exe (ShouJiKong Tray)
  • Right-click the process;
  • Select Open file location:


  • Look for Uninst.exe or uni0nst.exe in that folder and run it:

0034 uni0nst-exe

  • Perform the uninstall of Kingsoft component;
  • Repeat for every process.

Remove shortcuts of Kingsoft Antivirus

There are usually two shortcuts: in the taskbar (quicklaunch) and on the desktop. They have an icon similar to Internet Explorer and lead to the site

Right-click the shortcut in the taskbar and select Unpin this program from taskbar:



Then right-click the shortcut on the desktop and select Delete:



Delete files and folders

1. Clean the temp folder:


2. Delete Kingsoft folder in the following locations:

C:\Program Files\

Clean the registry

Launch the registry editor:


and search for chinese words:


How to search:

  • Click on Computer;
  • Press CTRL+F;
  • Enter keyword;
  • Press Find next:


Delete all found items:


Then press F3 again and again until you see the message Finished searching through the registry:


Automatic check for malware

Scan your system with AdwCleaner


and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware:


Maybe you have another potentially unwanted program or adware on your computer.

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  1. Much quicker and easier:
    Clean removal of everything of an unwanted app: use revo uninstaller freeware (google for safe downloads). DO NOT start app-own uninstaller (anyway with kingston internet security everything in chinese!!) Revo removes everything and cleans registry…

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