Different keyboard layout for each window in Windows 10. Remember input language for each program

By default Windows 10 is not configured to remember the keyboard layout for each program or window. But you might want to force your operating system to do it. Of course it will be useful first of all for those who use several input languages on PC, especially when you use your PC for translating texts. Here is how to make Windows 10 remember input language for each window or program. 

Force Windows 10 to remember keyboard layout (input language) for each app window

  1. Right-click the Start button.
  2. Select Control Panelcontrol panel windows 10
  3. Click on Change input methodschange-input-methods
  4. Select Advanced settingslanguage-advanced-settings
  5. Set the checkbox Let me set a different input method for each app window.
  6. Click Save:let-me-set-a-different-input-method-for-each-app-window

Now you can change the input language for the active window. But the trick is that once you switch to another program or window (make another window active) your keyboard layout will be the same as you left.

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