How to backup Windows 10. Create a full and reliable backup of your Windows 10

create backup image of Windows 10

Windows 10 as well as the older versions of the OS has System Restore feature. But unfortunately it doesn’t help to recover operating system in 100% of cases. For example, if your disk gets physically damaged the restore point files can also be corrupted. In this guide we will tell you how to backup Windows 10 and easily recover it at any time. We advise to use AOMEI Backupper Standard freeware utility for Windows 10 for system backup purposes.  Continue reading

Different keyboard layout for each window in Windows 10. Remember input language for each program

By default Windows 10 is not configured to remember the keyboard layout for each program or window. But you might want to force your operating system to do it. Of course it will be useful first of all for those who use several input languages on PC, especially when you use your PC for translating texts. Here is how to make Windows 10 remember input language for each window or program.  Continue reading

Quickly translate a word or a sentence on the website in browser. Google Translate extension for Chrome

All we know about Google Translate service. You can go to to translate a sentence or a single word, you can use the application for Chrome, etc. But the thing is you have to do too many movements to translate: mark the text, right-click, copy, go to another tab, paste. It is very annoying especially when you need to know the translation of a single word on the website. So how to speed up the translation in the browser to make it quick and pleasant? Here are our tips on how to quickly translate a single word or a piece of text in the Chrome browser. Continue reading