Where Is The File Manager On Google Pixel And How to Add Its Shortcut To The Home Screen

file explorer (file manager) on Google Pixel

Google Pixel has a built-in File Manager app (however it is hidden a bit). You can explore all files and folders and even perform all basic operations with them. In this article read about:

  • how to find a File Manager on Google Pixel and Pixel XL under Android Nougat 7;
  • how to perform basic operations with files and folders in the built-in explorer app;
  • how to add a shortcut to File Manager to the home screen of Google Pixel.

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How to record high-quality stereo sound on Google Pixel

high-quality stereo sound recording on Google Pixel

Google Pixel comes without a pre-installed audio recording app. And as far as it shoots video with mono sound audio many people believe Pixel is not capable of stereo sound recording (despite it has two built-in microphones). Here we will prove that it is not true. Read about how to easily record high-quality stereo sound on Google Pixel and Pixel XL.  Continue reading

How to clear the call history on Google Pixel

Here is how to clear the call history on Google Pixel and delete all records about incoming, outgoing and missed calls that ever took place. You might use this option for different purposes: you don’t want your wife to know who called you last evening, or, perhaps, you are eager to use your old work phone as your private one and don’t want to accidently call your colleagues.  Continue reading

Google Contacts Sync Issue: Cannot Rename A Contact On Android

The question about Google Contact sync problem: I renamed an entry on my Android device but it didn’t change the name. The old person’s name is also displayed in Viber and WhatsApp. Internet connected, sync is on. Any errors on the screen. Please, help me to understand what’s the reason of this weird issue and how do I fix it? Thank you in advance. Continue reading

How to block a phone number on Google Pixel under Android 7. Block calls and texts

block phone number on Google Pixel under Android 7.1

You can use a block list feature if you want to block unwanted calls and text messages from a specific caller on Android. Today we will show how to add a phone number to the black list on Google Pixel under new Android 7. Also read about how to review your blocked numbers list and unblock a certain caller.

After you blocked someone on your Google Pixel you won’t receive neither a sound nor even a blink of your display when the blocked subscriber tries to call you or send a text. You won’t see missed calls on your “Call history” list. You won’t see texts from banned numbers in your Messages app either. All calls from the blocked phone number will be rejected – the caller will hear the “busy” tone.
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