Connect To A Hidden Wi-Fi Network On Windows 10, Android 8 And iOS

Hidden Wi-Fi Network

Step-by-step guide on how to connect to Wi-Fi network with hidden SSID on Windows 10 desktop, laptop, Android 8 phone, tablet, iPhone

As you probably know, you can hide your Wi-Fi network name in the settings of your wireless router (or access point) to improve security of your hotspot. After you hide SSID, everyone will first need to enter the correct SSID and only then – a valid security key to connect to your wireless network. And here is how to connect to a Wi-Fi network that doesn’t broadcast its name.
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Enable AHCI Without Reinstalling OS in Windows 10 and 7

SATA AHCI Mode Enable

AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) mode is a communication mode that serves to connect storage devices using SATA interface with the support of NCQ and hot plug features. On practice AHCI mode often provides faster read/write speeds while using HDDs and especially SSDs. Quite often users find that they have AHCI disabled and try to enable the mode in UEFI (BIOS) but get the BlueScreen issue with the code Inaccessible_boot_device. In this article we will explain how to check if AHCI is enabled and how to safely enable AHCI mode without reinstalling Windows 10 or 7 and avoid BSOD. Continue reading

Disable Remote Desktop Access (RDP) For Administrator On Windows Server 2016

remote desktop access denied

As you might know, administrators have access via RDP enabled by default. They even don’t need to be members of Remote Desktop Users group for this. But in some situations you may need to restrict remote access for a specific administrator. For instance, if you want to be sure that every task (backups for example), services or other stuff that may launch using his credentials won’t stop working. So here is how to disable access through Remote Desktop (RDP) for the user with administrative privileges on Windows Server 2016 without disabling the user account itself. Continue reading

Turn On Wi-Fi Automatically Near Your Wi-Fi Network In Android 8 Oreo

you are near a saved network

Android 8.0.0 Oreo has a feature that allows to automatically turn on Wi-Fi when you are in the area where your saved wireless network has a strong signal. It may be quite useful because your phone can turn on Wi-Fi by itself when it detects your home or office network so that you will never waste your mobile traffic in vain. The feature is enabled by default. Here is how you can enable or disable it when you wish.  Continue reading